ShortCommand 1.1

Very short commands for your Server!

  1. Loris156
    With this plugin you have many short commands on your Server!


    /shortcommand or sc: About the plugin

    /0 or s: Gamemode Survival
    /1 or c: Gamemode Creative
    /2 or a: Gamemode Adventure
    /3 or sp: Gamemode Spectator

    /day or d: Sets the time to 6000 Ticks
    /night or n: Sets the time to 18000 Ticks

    /heal or h: Heals the Player
    /healall or ha: Heals all Players


    sc.0 -> /0
    sc.1 -> /1
    sc.2 -> /2
    sc.3 -> /3 -> /day
    sc.night -> /night

    sc.heal -> /heal
    sc.healall -> /healall

    Tell me more commands below!
    Many Updates coming soon!

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