Shortify 1.7

The flexible and advanced URL shortener for Bukkit and now BungeeCord

  1. Redrield
    Hate the fact that sharing URLs in Minecraft completely sucks? Hate the truncation? Then this plugin will fix all your problems regarding URLs in Minecraft. This plugin will shorten all URLs present in a chat message and then changes the message to display the shortened links.

    It is fully configurable, and allows you to choose between fairly a large pool of URL shorteners, including, (default) and is the only URL shortening plugin that supports YOURLS. It also allows you to configure how it shortens the link (see config.yml after installation of the JAR).

    There are several other URL shortening plugins available, but this one is objectively the best because:
    • Optimized to not cause chat lag for messages that don't contain URLs
    • Essentially lagless
    • Does not require any external dependencies
    • Can shorten a URL in ANY position in the message
    • Has full REGEX detection to perfectly detect URLs, including advanced punctuation handling
    • Allows you to choose between many URL shorteners, including support for YOURLS
    • Lets you configure to only shorten URLs above a specific length
    • 100% compatible with BukkitForge and MCPC+
    • Fully supports BungeeCord
    Full documentation will be available soon. Source code is available at For reference, use the old BukkitDev page at
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Recent Reviews

  1. lululombard
    Version: 1.7
    Awesome. Now I want to make my YOURLS server :p
  2. Compilable
    Version: 1.7
    Excellent plugin.
    Going to use it in my Bungee Server.