ShortUtils 1.2.0

A collection of various tools and utility classes to help with development

  1. ShortCircuit908
    After four years of developing plugins and miscellaneous applications, I began noticing that several of my creations required some kind of utility, and I was re-inventing the wheel each time. I eventually wizened up and moved the best of them into one project, and now I'm sharing that with all of you!

    ShortUtils is a collection of general utilities including
    • ZIP, GZIP, and ZLIB compression/extraction
    • Simple & powerful MySQL/SQLite database queries
    • JSON serialization utilities
    • Object serialization as byte arrays
    • Image manipulation
    • Reading/displaying GIF images
    In addition, I've written a helping of utilities specific to Bukkit, such as
    • Automatic plugin updating (from Bukkit, Spigot, or both)
    • Block/location utilities
    • Easy class-based command implementation
    • NBT/Anvil file format support
    • Scoreboard displays

Recent Updates

  1. A few things!
  2. You want nulls?
  3. Just permissions things

Recent Reviews

  1. jamesd5
    Version: 1.2.0
    Just what i needed :D
    SImple and free! Great for any server looking to boost up their server for their players !