Shovel 0.1

An open source alternative to CrackShot

  1. BananaPuncher714
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    OUTDATED! Know that Shovel will not be supported anymore due to its terrible and outdated code!


    Shovel is an open source alternative to CrackShot and is intended to be very customizable, almost to the point where Shovel is more of an API. Shovel is made of modules, and each module has several bases. Each module is a more generalized instance of a feature, such as a gun, grenade, or bullet, and each base can have separate mechanics. ex. the bullet module has a homing bullet base, a bouncing bullet base, and a normal bullet base. In order to get started, download and place Shovel.jar inside the plugins folder. After that, you can create a new item or instance of a base. NOTE THAT SHOVEL DOES NOT HAVE GUNS ALREADY GENERATED! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD PREMADE INSTANCES OR MAKE YOUR OWN!You can find premade instances here inside their corresponding folders.

    Great, so how do i make a new instance?
    Each yml file in Shovel represents an instance of a base. Therefore, each instance will have its own yml file and each base will have its own folder instead of cluttering up one large file. All bullet instances will go inside the corresponding module folder, so an instance of a BulletBase base will go inside the BulletBase folder. Each module/base has similar configuration options, but ultimately it is down to the module and the person who created the module.

    An example instance of module would look something like this:
    Code (YAML):
    # All instances have an identifier and a base name.
    # The base name is what base it uses, in this case, the AutomaticWeapon base
    : "jaw"
    : "AutomaticWeapon"

    # This is for all GunBase modules
    # It has a bukkit material and a data value for each instance
    : GOLD_AXE
    : 0

    # The rest of the stuff is for the AutomaticWeapon instance.
    : "rocket"
    : 1
    : .8
    : 9
    : 1000
    : 0
    : 1

    : 1500
    : "J.A.W."
    It may also depend on other modules and instances, such as this one depends on the BulletBase instance "rocket". For more information go to where you can get more instances, and learn how to create your own instances too!

    • /weapon list - View all instances available
    • /weapon get <name> - Gives you the corresponding item
    • shovel.admin - Allows you to use the commands

    • Guns
    • Bullets
    • Explosions
    • Homing bullets
    • Bouncing bullets
    • Recoil(bullet spray)
    What's to come:
    • Ammunition count
    • Reloading
    • Better gun spraying
    • More customization
    • Grenades
    • Laser rifles
    • C4
    • Air strikes
    • Kevlar
    This plugin is still in development and therefore may be buggy and have errors! Please do not throw stale food at me because it does not work the way you want it to!! Instead, PM me and give me the details of the error and I will try to fix it!
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Recent Reviews

  1. gateauxderiz
    Version: 0.1
    nice give a Tuto for all weapons and more and i love you xD (create grenade, crate sniper with trail and more ) complet tuto please xD
    1. BananaPuncher714
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Shovel is still in beta so there will plenty of more features!