Shulker Box Plus [1.10 - 1.12] 1.0.2

Access shulker boxes without placing them down!

  1. Bug fixes.

    • Fixed no permission message spamming.
  2. Compatibility update.

    • Adjusted hooks with world guard to work better.
  3. 1.0

    • Improved EventListener class to behave better with WorldGuard.
    • Updated all of my plugins. (Rewrote Util class)
  4. Right click air support update!

    • Added shift-right click air support, to enable this, you will need to set rightclickair in config to true.
  5. API update.

    • Update of all my plugins. (Updated some util classes.)
  6. Minor bug fixes

    Minor bug fixes included in this new version.
  7. Permission update and WorldGuard supported!

    New contents in this update :

    Owners can now define regions where player can only OPEN shulker boxes!
    They can do this by creating a region with any name CONTAINING the word "_sb". Otherwise the players can't open shulker boxes in claimed / protected regions.

    Dependencies needed : Worldguard.
  8. Content update!

    Content of this update :
    • Permission added! (SBP.Open)
    • Sound effect! (Open and close)
    TODO :
    • Accessed from anywhere.
    Please give me suggestions on how to improve this plugin!