ShulkerBox BackPacks [1.11 - 1.14] 1.1.2

A lightweight plugin which allows you to use Shulker Boxes without placing them!

  1. small update

    - Opening a shuker box inventory now shows the name of the box in the inventory title!
    - Updated documentation in the plugin.yml file
  2. removed exploit on laggy servers

    Quick update:
    • Fixed exploit where opening inventory and the dropping shulker box at the same time duplicates items on laggy servers. As an added bonus, if the shulker box is removed from your primary hand slot for any reason while the inventory is open, an inventory click will prompt closing the inventory before duplicate items can be stolen. (for example if an inventory is cleared by command)
    • Fixed bug where console errors show up on plugman reload of the plugin from repeat...
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  3. Multiversion

    Hi guys! I am finally back for a quick update. ShulkerBoxBackPacks now works in all versions of minecraft that have shulker boxes, and I also fixed the typo in the name in the plugin list :p
  4. updated to 1.13.2

    Didn't have to make any logical changes, just used the newest craftbukkit jar as an import :)
  5. Added permissions node for /sbbp reload

    I added a permissions node for /sbbp:

  6. exploit removed

    In this update I prevent all number key inventory move actions when in the ShulkerBox BackPacks inventory. This prevents exploits involving a player swapping the shulker box out of their hand slot and removing items, effectively duplicating them.
  7. wrong plugin released, oops

    heh, ignore this. Other than the fact that I added "/sbbpReload" which reloads the config at runtime
  8. More nesting options

    In this update I added the following:

    a permission node for nesting features
    a maximum nesting level feature (-1 by default means infinite)

    Bug fixes:
    I made it no longer possible to put a shulker box inside of itself
    I fixed a null error when interacting with the world with an open fist

  9. compatibility update

    Added 2 config options that specify whether or not the plugin will allow for the use of the plugin's features on renamed or formatted shulker boxes.

    This update is in response to a request made to make the plugin compatible with other plugins that use shulker boxes (such as elevators), so now I leave the server owners the ability to make my plugin compatible with their current server setup. Enjoy!