Sic'em [Skript] 1.2

Have fun trolling you friends with dragons!

  1. Willraasch
    Well I was just playing around with the skript addons and my friend was like, bet you cant get the dragon to follow me. So I said your on. And that was that.

    - Multi Dragons | Have the ability to set how many dragons chase a person
    - Single out players | You can select the player with the command and the dragons only follow them!

    - /sic'em <player> <number of dragons> | warning to many dragons can lag you or your server!
    - /killthem | Kills all enderdragons!

    Plugins Needed
    - Skript |
    - SkQuery3 |

    1. First you’ll need to download the plugins above
    2. Then run your server and stop it.
    3. You will see a folder in your plugins folder called Skript goto it and then goto the folder inside that one called skripts.
    4. I would delete the all the files in scripts if I where you, but I am not so its up to you.
    5. Place the .sk file that came in this .zip file in the scripts folder and restart your server or do /sk reload (all|Name of skript).
    6. Enjoy! :)

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  1. S0ul3at3r2
    Version: 1.1
    So good idea :D Mind if I use part ofthe code in a minigame Skript?
    1. Willraasch
      Author's Response
      Sure go ahead