Siege 0.2

The siege gamemode inside of Minecraft.

  1. BGHDDevelopment
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    PLEASE NOTE: This plugin requires it's own server to run. This is not multi-arena.
    Also, this plugin was made on 1.11.2. It will work with all 1.11.2+ servers.
    It may work on 1.8+ but this is not tested and there may be bugs.


    Siege is a gamemode inspired by Mineplex' well-known minigame 'Castle Siege'. Siege is a team-based invading game that splits the players up into 2 teams, the Guards and the Assassins. The Guards have to protect their king located somewhere on the map by killing the Assassins trying to break in the territory of the Guards, deal damage to the king and get the kings health to '0' before the timer runs out. There are 3 rounds. The first 2 rounds decide whether the Guards or the Assassins will win. If they both have won 1 round the 3rd round will be played. If 1 team has 2 points after the first 2 rounds the game will end, because there will be a definite winner. The plugin contains a Scoreboard interface that shows a countdown till the game starts while being in the lobby, and a countdown for each round, the current health of the king, the number of rounds won for each team (Guards and Assassins) and the current round being played.


    This plugin requires it's own server to run. This is not multi-arena.
    You will get an error on the first startup. Make sure to add the map to the server then start setup with /siege create. Once you set up the map there will be no errors.


    /Hub - Teleports the player to the 'lobby' server (No Permission)

    Permission: (siege.siege)

    /Siege - Shows a help page for the Siege plugin
    /Siege Create - Sets up the files and empty locations for the Siege map on the current server (required before use of Siege)
    /Siege Delete - Deletes the files for Siege
    /Siege Setlobby - Sets up the lobby location the player will be teleported to when joining the game at the current location
    /Siege Setspawn [Team] - Sets up the spawn location for one of the 2 specific teams (Guards, Assassins) at the current location
    /Siege Setking - Create the King NPC that the Assassins will have to kill at the current location
    /Siege Forcestart - Forces the game to start


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  1. Hanxuan_GTS
    Version: 0.1
    Your plugin is great! I like it very much!I want to share this plugin to in China. Many people in China like this plugin but many people in China are not good at English.I will provide the translate text for them.I will repost it , I will just repost your link for download and I won't repost a new plugin's.jar file.Just for a link.Can you allow it?
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response
      Hey saddly all downloads and links must be done through spigot. I have had issues with that site before.