SIGE - Scoreboard In-Game Editor Offical Release 1.0

Simply Edit Scoreboards In-Game!

  1. ItsErik
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

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    Scoreboard In-Game Editor

    What Is It?

    The Title Says it all! You can edit a scoreboard in-game!


    • Text Length: About 60-70. Starts to bug out around 60.
    • Colored Scoreboard
    • Ability to Hide/Show Scoreboard Entirely
    • Ability to Reset Scoreboard To Cleared Form
    • Config Saving
    • PlaceholderAPI Support
    SpigotLib by gyurix
    PlaceholderAPI (Optional)

    1. Download SIGE and SpigotLib.
    2. Put them In your Plugins Folder.

    3. Restart your server.

    4. Run /sbedit and Enjoy!

    <Line#> must be between 1-15. Anything else may cause an error.


    1. Lagg Fix - When reloading or resetting board.
    2. PlaceholderAPI Fix.
    3. Animations.
    4. Saved Scoreboard and Config.

    5. Command Block, Console, Entity Command Support.

    If anyone would like to contribute at all Please PM Me! If there are any problems Message Me!

    PS: Please do not reupload my plugin/edit the some code and reupload it as your own. You have the right to edit it and use it for personal use. Thanks a lot, ItsErik / Erik / TheWaddles / TheWaddlesMC

    ✓ - Added ✗ - Not Added

Recent Reviews

  1. Ronnie0982
    Version: Offical Release 1.0
    This plugin is good, i just find it a little hard to change the lines, but other than that it works fine :) Good job :)
    1. ItsErik
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Is there any way I can make it easier to change the lines?
  2. hugogaymer
    Version: Beta 2.0
    Good job! Good optimization and in-game edition! 10/10 :)
    Thanks for this Free plugin <3.
    1. ItsErik
      Author's Response
      No Problem :D
      And Thank you for the review <3
  3. CatRodri
    Version: Beta 1.2
    Good job!! 100% recommendable .
    1. ItsErik
  4. Bolean
    Version: Beta 1.1.2
    aweosme wow thamks alot but add more features animation variables also and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    1. ItsErik
      Author's Response
      I am going to Add Variables and Animations as soon as I understand more about PlaceholderAPI and SpigotLib
  5. gyurix
    Version: Beta 1.1.2
    Thank you for using SpigotLib in your plugin, but I feel you forgot about something:
    - The SpigotLibs license tells, that you need to inform me about your plugin, you forgot to do that
    - Also, your 40., 64., 88. line is redundant, because you do NOT need to call the addViewer method
    - Setting the sidebar of a player should be AFTER changing it's lines
    - You can user some for loops for setting some values

    And finally contact me on Skype: gyuriskipe
    1. ItsErik
      Author's Response
      gyurix I am very sorry I will contact you after school. I completely for got about the license and I will fix my plugin then.
  6. xGardiac_
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Since you are new to coding this looks exactly awesome , keep up with good work!
    ._. I hate 100 characters!
    1. ItsErik
      Author's Response
      Thanks xGardiac_!