SignBind 1.0

Bind player commands, console commands, and messages to signs!

  1. Avixk
    I want to jump into the Spigot community so what better way than to release a bunch of my favorite custom plugins! This is one of my most used plugins on my server because it can be used for so much. If you need help with the plugin, feel free to pm me and I'll help you as soon as can.


    • Force player to run binded commands when they right click a sign
    • Run console commands when players right click a sign
    • Send players raw messages when they click a sign
    • Bind infinite player commands, server commands, and message combinations
    • Remove all entries per sign
    • Color signs with the '&' symbol e.g. "&bShops" (light blue)
    • No config
    • No need for permissions
    Permission to use the plugin is granted by default if the player is OP
    If you choose to use permissions, the node is "signbind.use"​

    Note: messages accept '&' symbol for colors, to override, use '\&'
    /sb player <command to force the player to run without '/'>
    /sb server <console command to run without '/'>
    /sb msg <raw message to send to the player who clicked>
    /sb remove - removes all entries from sign​