SignClear 1.1

A plugin to clear signs with the ability to match lines

  1. Caleb_Britannia
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    • 1.16
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    A very light plugin with the ability to remove signs in a radius while also being able to look for specific lines to match. Colour Codes are supported in the format &a.

    I don't plan on adding much else to this plugin I mainly made it for a friend, if you really like it however or find an issue feel free to use the github issues or contact me on discord at Caleb Britannia#0001

    All else I can say is be careful, this isn't worldedit with //undo and failsafes if you mess up the command you will lose the signs so read carefully!


    /signclear (radius) (optional line)

    The line argument is optional and simply putting a radius will remove all signs in that (square) radius. Spaces are supported and you can only check one line at a time, it will also check all lines on every sign so the position of the text doesn't matter.

    An example usage is

    /sc 30 &2&l[For Rent]

    (I used this to remove areashop signs)

    Clear signs:

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  1. TofPlays
    Version: 1
    I was lost and depressed, I asked the universe, "Please, if there is hope, show me a sign.." And then it deleted one...
    10/10 would delete again.
    1. Caleb_Britannia
      Author's Response
      Wow, god is truly on our side