SignColors v1.1.1 for 1.12

SignColors allows all players on the server or people with permissions to add colored text to signs.

  1. Ready for Minecraft 1.11, Add MySQL support, New way of [SC] sign creation, Java 8 only

    Before updating this plugin please read this notes at least ones!

    If you found a bug or get an error, please don't rate 1 star, but contact me with your error message or bug description, so I can help you!!!

    • Compatible with Spigot 1.11
    • Only compatible with Java 8
    • New way of creating [SC] signs. Your old signs don't work anymore!
      Instruction how to create a [SC] sign:
      • On first line (required): [SignColors]
      • On second line (optional): <Amount> : <Price>
      Replace <Amount> and <Price> with your values. If you leave them out, the default values from config will be used (if this is to complicated for you, I have updated the pictures in the description).
      This allows you to create signs with different prices and amounts.
    • New database format and MySQL support. If you start your server after updating this plugin, the old database isn't used anymore.
      Only once (until I have implemented a "/sc migrate" command) you have the possibility to swap to MySQL or to stick with SQLite.
      Depending on what you'll choose, set the database type in the config and - if you chose MySQL - restart your server. Now you're are able to execute "/sc upgrade" which imports your old database and removes obsolete entries (sign locations where currently no sign block is) from it.
    • Permission for "/sc upgrade": signcolors.upgrade
    • Some bug fixes
    • Version is now 1.0.0, because I think I have more or less implemented all core features I had planned ;)
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