SignColors v1.1.1 for 1.12

SignColors allows all players on the server or people with permissions to add colored text to signs.

  1. Rework under the hood, Remove colorsymbol command, New config style, More settings

    If you found a bug or get an error, please don't rate 1 star, rather contact me with your error message or bug description, so I can help you!!!

    • Many code changes "under the hood".
    • Removed /sc colorsymbol, because it forced to save the config, which removes most of the config comments.
    • Removed signcolors.colorsymbol (see above).
      From now on you'll have to set the colorsymbol in the config directly.
    • Added Tab-Completion. Only completes commands you have permission for.
    • The /sc help now only shows commands you have permission for.
    • All sounds from this plugin can now be changed in the config.
    • The config has now a better style (comments are above each setting).
    • Changed metrics to bStats.
    • Removed custom logger.
    • Language improvements.
    • Updater no longer throws an exception, if the update server cannot be reached.
    • Cleaner logging messages.
    • Some bug fixes.
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