SignColors v1.1.1 for 1.12

SignColors allows all players on the server or people with permissions to add colored text to signs.

  1. Ready for 1.9.4, Introducing a more complex recipe system, Block certain colored lines.

    This update is bigger than the previous ones, so you should read these notes at least ones ;)
    • Compatible with 1.9.4
    • New recipe system which allows you to create your own recipe types (shaped, shapeless) and allows you to use more than two blocks/items, which is the current case. It is explained in the config.
    • The new recipe system gives your users one colored sign. I will change this in the next update allowing you to define it yourself.
    • Now you can block certain first lines like "&1[Buy]". It is useful to avoid, that your players create e.g. Essentials signs without permission to do so. You can add as many as you want in the config. Thanks to gamester329 for this advice.
    • New permission signcolors.blockedfirstlines.bypass, which allows you to bypass the blocked lines.
    • Logging is now disabled by default because it is not very useful yet.
    • Fixed a language and a permission bug.
    If you are interested in Development Builds, you can find them here.
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