SignColors v1.1.1 for 1.12

SignColors allows all players on the server or people with permissions to add colored text to signs.

  1. Ready for Minecraft 1.12, Fix two NPEs

    • Fixed two NullPointerExceptions
    • Compatible with Spigot 1.12
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  2. Rework under the hood, Remove colorsymbol command, New config style, More settings

    If you found a bug or get an error, please don't rate 1 star, rather contact me with your error message or bug description, so I can help you!!!

    • Many code changes "under the hood".
    • Removed /sc colorsymbol, because it forced to save the config, which removes most of the config comments.
    • Removed signcolors.colorsymbol (see above).
      From now on you'll have to set the colorsymbol in the config directly.
    • Added Tab-Completion. Only completes commands you...
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  3. Ready for Minecraft 1.11.2, Updater is now working again

    • Compatible with Spigot 1.11.2
    • Updater is now working again
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  4. Ready for Minecraft 1.11, Add MySQL support, New way of [SC] sign creation, Java 8 only

    Before updating this plugin please read this notes at least ones!

    If you found a bug or get an error, please don't rate 1 star, but contact me with your error message or bug description, so I can help you!!!

    • Compatible with Spigot 1.11
    • Only compatible with Java 8
    • New way of creating [SC] signs. Your old signs don't work anymore!
      Instruction how to create a [SC] sign:
      • On first line (required): [SignColors]...
  5. Ready for Minecraft 1.10.2, Change amount of crafted colored signs

    • Compatible with Spigot 1.10.2
    • Added possibility to change the amount of crafted signs in config
    • Updater is now more reliable
  6. Ready for 1.9.4, Introducing a more complex recipe system, Block certain colored lines.

    This update is bigger than the previous ones, so you should read these notes at least ones ;)
    • Compatible with 1.9.4
    • New recipe system which allows you to create your own recipe types (shaped, shapeless) and allows you to use more than two blocks/items, which is the current case. It is explained in the config.
    • The new recipe system gives your users one colored sign. I will change this in the next update allowing you to define it yourself.
    • Now you can block certain...
  7. Ready for 1.9 and introducing new language system.

    - Only compatible with Spigot 1.9
    - New language system, which allows you to add your own languages beside the default ones (more information on GitHub)
    - Added Spanish translation (Thanks to lLupinl)
    - Updater is now working more reliable
    - Config updates now automatically, when you update the plugin and makes a backup of your old config and your languages...
  8. Optimization and clean up.

    - Optimized RAM amount slightly
    - Compiled for Spigot / Minecraft 1.8.8 (it's anyway backward compatible)