SignFix [1.7+]

This plugin blocks the sign crash hack from your server.

  1. giantcraig
    This plugin disables the hack that crashes your server utilizing a sign, it's lightweight and the only plugin with this ability out there. If you have signs enabled on your server, prevent it from crashing with this simple plugin.

    Configuration file
    This plugin allows you to configure the message that's sent when a player is kicked, as displayed below.
    Code (Text):
    # The message a player is sent after being kicked for the sign hack.
    kickmsg: '&fYou are not allowed to use this hack on the server.'
    Servers running this plugin
    QuaserMC -

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    Thanks for using this simple plugin made by me, and I hope you enjoy it.
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Recent Reviews

  1. 420Rekt
    Version: [1.7+]
    Great plugin. I've tested it on my server and it does a great job blocking the sign crash hack. 5/5|

    A recommendation I have is if it would be possible have an option of something like temp-ban/perm-ban instead of just a kick (after all, they're attempting to crash the server). Another recommendation I have is if it would be possible to automatically tell OPs something like "Player just got kicked for attempting to crash the server!", that would be nice.

    Aside from my suggestions, it did everything I hoped for and it definitely helped me server stay protected from the pesky sign crash hack!

  2. cubesih
    Version: [1.7+]
    Outstanding plugin
  3. retArmy
    Version: [1.7+]
    Outstanding lite plugin that prevents the character crash! I absolutely love the customization for the kick message! Thank you so much! I approve this plugin! It's on my server!
    1. giantcraig
      Author's Response
      Thanks for leaving your server IP, I'm adding it to the official list of servers.
  4. giantcrap
    Version: [1.7+]
    Awesome, first plugin to do this.
  5. basicstatic
    Version: [1.7+]
    Great plugin, pretty much a solution for servers that doesn't want to upgrade to 1.8.x
  6. basicmac96
    Version: [1.7+]
    Thank you for this plugin, I've been looking all over for it.