SignFix 1.0

A simple fix to recent sign exploits.

  1. Legostarwarszach
    == What It Is ==
    SignControl is a simple fix to the present sign exploitation problem. If a player types too many characters into a sign, they will either be kicked using a configurable message, or a configurable command will be executed!

    == Installation ==
    1. Download plugin
    2. Put it into your plugins folder
    3. Reload or restart your server!
    4. You're done :)

    == Config ==
    Version: Version of the plugin you're running
    CustomCommand: Command you want to be executed when the player has entered too many characters. Use %play% for the player's username. Leave blank if you want to use the built-in kick feature.
    KickMessage: The kick message for the built-in kick feature.

    == Suggestions ==
    If you have any suggestions or ideas, post a comment or message me directly!

    == Donations ==
    If you wish to support my plugin and me as a developer, feel free to buy me a cookie: Donate