SignLink 1.35

A simple plugin 'framework' to display variables on signs based on keys.

  1. Friwi
    Friwi & original authors (bergerkiller, lenis0012, timstans)
    For versions starting from 1.11.2+, please refer to

    Spigot: 1.8.6 / v1_8_R3

    This plugin requires BKCommonLib to be installed!

    This plugin acts as a bridge between plugins and signs to easily display text on signs. Instead of entering commands, clicking the sign, or any other routine plugins could use, players can enter 'variables', key values starting (and ending) with %, to show information at that spot.

    It also includes features no other plugin is needed for, such as custom text and ticker values you can set in values.yml. Signs are stored on file, they survive reloads and server restarts.

    A video says 1000 times more words than a picture. :)

    Simply drag and drop it to your plugins folder. This plugin depends on BKCommonLib.

    The linkedsigns.txt contains information of where signs are located. The values.yml sets the (standard) usable keys.

    Code (Text):
    # In here you can set default values for this plugin.
    # The ticker property can be LEFT, RIGHT or NONE and sets the direction message is 'ticked'.
    # tickerInterval sets the amount of ticks (1/20 of a second) are between the ticker update.
    # The value is the thing to display or tick.
    # To use colors in your text, use the § sign followed up by a value from 0 - F.
    # Example: §cRed to display a red colored 'Red' message.
    # You can find all color codes on the internet (they may use & there, ignore that!)
         ticker: NONE
         value: This is a regular message you can set and is updated only once.
         tickerInterval: 3
         ticker: LEFT
         value: 'Thisisatestmessagebeingtickedfromrighttoleft.'
    Permissions and commands
    Use /togglesignupdate to turn sign updating on or off, just in case someone made a huge amount of updating signs that causes lag. Two permission nodes (Bukkit permissions):

    Code (Text):
            description: Allows you to build signs containing variables
            default: op
            description: Allows you to set if signs are being updated or not
            default: op

    View the source code at GitHub

    This plugin sends server count statistics to You can (globally) opt out in the PluginMetrics/config.yml file.

Recent Updates

  1. Updated for 1.11.2
  2. Added Java 6 support
  3. Just a move top

Recent Reviews

  1. nelson2tm
    Version: 1.35
    Cool and handy plugin! We can create signs and edit parts of it later with commands. For example, when creating a ride in a themepark server, you can put the status on a sign so people know if it's opened or closed. The only downside is that this plugin isn't updated to 1.9-1.10 yet.
  2. ChuckNoriss
    Version: 1.35
    Please update to 1.9.2!!!!!!!! I need this plugin! I used in 1.8.8 but outdated and don't work in 1.9 :\
  3. Onoitsu2
    Version: 1.35
    This is very cool, I just wish more information was given on creating new variables.
  4. lolmaker2002
    Version: 1.40
    This, plugin, one word: AMAZING :D
    1. Friwi
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  5. Bolean
    Version: 1.40
    wow but bkcommon lib doesn't support protocol hack
    1. Friwi
      Author's Response
      Yeah, because the core of the protocol hack is actually 1.7 not 1.8.
  6. KenDerGuru
    Version: 1.40
    It's a pretty cool plugin for realizing dynamic signs. Especially with the function to set own variables, speed, linking multiple signs and the compatibility with TrainCarts arriving times SignLink replaced even HolographicDisplays in some purposes. I really appreciate your work. 5/5.