SignMagic 1.2.1

Edit signs by right clicking on them. Color your signs to give color!

  1. Relicum
    Previous Developer libraryaddict
    I will be continuing to update some of libraryaddict's plugins now he has less time. This is now fully up to date for Spigot and Craftbukkit 1.8 Only

    1.7 Version can be found on libs resource page

    SignMagic is pretty simple.

    There are 2 permissions.

    Option to set that player must be in game mode to edit the sign.

    The edit sign permission lets you right click a sign, and it will allow you to edit the sign using a popup gui.
    The color sign permission lets you use &6 to color the text gold for example.

    Recommended for use in build servers.
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Recent Updates

  1. Added creative only mode