SignOps 1.1-SNAPSHOT

SignOps add new sign operations to the game

  1. tmxx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    What is SignOps?

    SignOps is a bukkit plugin for your server which allows you to create signs

    with new operations, such as executing a command or adding a velocity to a player when clicking on it. But it also can extrude valid url from signs and allows players to open them per click!

    How do I install SignOps?

    You want to install SignOps for your server? Nothing easier than that! Kust drag and drop the signops-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar into your server's plugins folder, reload or restart your server and boom! You can start using SignOps!

    How do I use SignOps?

    Using SignOps is pretty easy. So you can use it in different ways. First you may have already created signs with urls on it which look like this sign:


    When clicking on this sign SignOps will automatically detect the url and lets the player open it per one click on a message in chat!

    If you have some longer links on your signs which split to those different lines, no problem. SignOps will also detect those links:


    And make them easy to open:


    You can also write anything you want on a sign and create a hidden link on it which looks like that:


    This sign was created using the "/signops add OPEN_LINK" command. Now you have to punch the sign to apply this action to it. To remove an action from a sign simply use "/signops remove" and punch it again.

    But you can not only create signs with hidden links. You can also create signs which let the player execute a command like this:


    Clicking on this sign results in the execution of the "/version" command.

    One of the coolest features is the possibility to add velocities to signs like this:


    When a player clicks on this sign he gets thrown in the air like this!

    Commands & Permissions

    To add an operation sign just use the "/signops add" command. To execute this command you will need the "signops.command.use" and the "signops.command.add" permission. The syntax of the command is the follow: "/signops add <Action> <Value>". Possible actions are OPEN_LINK, EXECUTE_COMMAND and VECTOR (I may add some other in the future). All those actions will need a different value. For example OPEN_LINK needs a valid url, PERFORM_COMMAND a command and VECTOR a valid velocity to run properly.

    To remove an operation sign just use the "/signops remove" command. To execute this command you will need the "signops.command.use" and the "signops.command.remove" permission.

    To change the lines of an already created sign use the "/signops setline <Line Number> <Line>" command. To execute this command you will need the "signops.command.use" and the "signops.command.setline" permission. Please remember that sign lines have a maximum character length of 16.

    Social Media & Other Stuff

    If you enjoy my work make sure to follow me on Twitter and GitHub so you don't miss new updates or resources.

    You can also find SignOps' source code on GitHub.

    Have a nice day!
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    Version: 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    Awesome plugin and the developer. I just had a problem with it and it got fixed in no time! Holy dang! I love it :)
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      Author's Response
      You're welcome :)