SignShop v3.5.0

A powerful and easy to use shop plugin

  1. Weaves
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    wargamer2010, Devinish
    Languages Supported:
    de_DE, es_ES, fr_FR, nl_NL, pt_PT, ru_RU, zh_CN, zh_TW
    SignShop allows you to set up physical shops by punching a chest and punching a sign with redstone dust. It's easy to set up, and even easier to customize!

    This plugin requires Vault and a vault compatible economy plugin.

    SignShop | SignShopHotel | SignShopGuardian | Features | FAQ | Signs | Permissions | Config | Localization | Developer API | Issues / Suggestions
    Basic Signs
    [Buy] Allows players to buy items from a chest.
    [Sell] Allows players to sell items to a shop.
    [Trade] Allows players to trade one set of items for another.
    [iBuy] Admin shop that allows players to buy infinite items.
    [iSell] Admin shop that allows players to sell infinite items.
    [iTrade] Admin shop that allows players to trade one set of items for another an infinite number of times.
    Important Links
    [​IMG] View Config
    [​IMG] SignShop Quick Reference (This is also in your /plugins/SignShop folder)
    [​IMG] Fork us on GitHub
    Join us on Discord


    SignShop2 tutorial video

    Example SignShop


    This is an example of how to set up a [Buy] sign with SignShop. The sign above is linked to a chest containing items. In this example, it will sell an enchanted pickaxe for 600 Waffles (Waffles are our server's currency :) ).

    Send me pictures of your server's SignShops in the comments and the image above could be YOUR shop!

    View More Images Here!

    Basic Features
    • Don't need to memorize any annoying commands
    • Can create global shops (with infinite items and infinite money using [iBuy] and [iSell])
    • Can create player owned shops
    • Can buy and sell raw XP and XP levels
    • Signs have colors: [Blue] means the shop is stocked and working, [Red] means the shop is out or overstocked, [Black] means the sign is not active
    • Can sell multiple items per sign (e.g. Alchemy Starter Kit, containing 3 glass bottles 1 brewing stand, netherwarts, ghast tears, etc.)
    • Chests do not need to be directly under signs, they can be anywhere (Distance can be customized in the config)
    • Can use multiple signs per chest (just remove any extra items, link the chest to the new sign, and stock the chest with multiple item types!)
    • Ability to set up shops to control redstone levers (to charge admittance to a door, power some sort of contraption, blow up a bunch of TNT, whatever you want!)
    • Can limit number of shops per player or permission group
    • Can edit active signs by clicking a sign with the desired text using Black Dye and then clicking the active SignShop
    • Can disable trading with villagers
    • Profit sharing using [Share] signs linked to SignShops
    • Restrict shop use to only groups listed on [Restricted] signs
    • Localization support (if you would like your native language to be supported, help us translate our config! More information on this page.)
    • Supports custom potions, books, fireworks, and lores

    Advanced Features

    • Can set up signs to run commands in console
    • Can run commands as if the buyer typed the command themselves (use "runCommand{asUser}" block in the config. NOTE: "*" permission nodes must be supported by your permission plugin for this feature)
    • Can run commands after a certain amount of time, allowing you to sell things like temporary permissions
    • Can sell partial amounts to signs (disabled by default)
    • Customizable messages
    • Customizable signs
    • Can define multipliers for groups to allow certain groups to get discounts or make more money for selling items

    Suggestions and Issues
    If you are having a problem with SignShop, join the Discord or please feel free to take a look at our tickets to make sure others have not already reported the issue! If they haven't, please fill out the requested info when making a ticket. Thanks!

    Like this plugin? Buy us a beer and/or caffeinated beverage!

    Extending SignShop with other plugins

    Works with all standard economies (EssentialsEco, iConomy, BOSEconomy, Gringotts, and more) and permission plugins (LuckPerms, bPermissions, PEX, GroupManager, PermissionsBukkit, zPermission (and defaults to OP permissions, if you don't want to use a permission system)).

    Grief Prevention, Residence, LWC Extended, BlockLocker(Lockette replacement)
    For sign and chest protection, though SignShop has built in sign protection.

    EssentialsX, CMI
    Use the worth.yml for dynamic sign prices by putting [worth] on the bottom line of the sign (must be enabled in SignShop config)

    Save your inventory when you die.

    Allow players to rent rooms for a period of time.

    Show shop locations.

    Supports Multiverse worlds.

    Use Towny banks and only let players make shops in Towny shop plots. (Thanks ryvix!)

    Respects build permissions, and you can only let players make shops in regions with the allow-shop flag.

    Convert from ChestShop format to SignShop format by just punching the sign with redstone.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Tombstone
    Version: v3.5.0
    Great plugin! Broke for 1.16.3 though. Would greatly appreciate it being updated.
    1. Weaves
      Author's Response
      There are over 100 servers using it for 1.16.3, with zero bug reports saying it breaks it. Perhaps you should create a BUG REPORT if you have a problem instead of a REVIEW.
  2. VuurVlam21
    Version: v3.4.4
    Great plugin works good however if it worked on 1.16 it would be 5 stars.
    Please next update 1.16
    1. Weaves
      Author's Response
  3. Wynnevir
    Version: v3.4.4
    I love this plugin, it's always my go-to for any server. It's easy to use and so convenient to be able to store the chests separate from the shop sign.
    1. Weaves
      Author's Response
      Thanks! That is one of the things that I like about it.
  4. EdxTheFig
    Version: v3.4.4
    A plugin that works as intended and covers the bases of other plugins like Kits.
    1. Weaves
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  5. Pjosip
    Version: v3.4.4
    It is the perfect shop plugin that suits my need for feature-rich aesthetically pleasing player-ran shops.
    1. Weaves
  6. XiangZi
    Version: v3.4.2
    Very good plugin, I want to reprint this plugin to China's largest MineCraft forum MCBBS, I hope you agree, I promise not to leak the.jar file, they will download this plugin to SpigotMc, I will provide the Chinese tutorial to them, I will send you the reprint link when finished.
    1. Weaves
      Author's Response
      I am glad you like it! Go ahead and post it on MCBBS, the license is very permissive. Send me the link in a pm.
  7. general2811
    Version: v2.11.2
    I LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you very much updating this awesome plugin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Weaves
      Author's Response
      You're welcome!
  8. Gindernald
    Version: v2.11.2
    Anyone who needs it to 1.14.4! Only one thing you need is just go to plugins>SingShop. Then if you do this go to config.yml and change
    "SIGN : sign" to " OAK_SIGN: sign". Then if you're in game you can do
    sign shop on oak sign. Hope i help you guys.
    1. Weaves
      Author's Response
      It is now properly updated for 1.13+
  9. shadowremnent
    Version: v2.11.2
    it works but i need to contact the dev as i dont want to put my issue up here and link is broken. anyone know the permission to allow players to use the shop, not make their own please help
  10. OTBing
    Version: v2.11.2
    PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!
    i need it on 1.14.4 version
    Crate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Weaves