Silent AntiCheat [Skript] [Beta] Build 5


  1. Tjek
    Version: Build 5
    Really good skript 10/10 would recommend

    I dont really know how to fill this, im currently trying to learn more advanced code, and this defo helped me.
  2. coolpvpv
    Version: Build 5
    cool but it gives me a tiny little error in console
    [18:29:46 ERROR]: Can't cancel an event anymore after is has already passed (, line 90: cancel event')
    [18:29:46 WARN]: the name of the attacked entity is already a text, so you should not put it in one (e.g. the name of the attacked entity instead of "%the name of the attacked entity%") (, line 158: if "%name of victim%" is not {_victim}:')

    and the reach check falses a lot especially if your jumping and hitting a mob