SilkChests 2.3.2

Silk chests with their contents

  1. Minor Bug Fixes and (+NBT) String Changes

    This release fixes some formatting issues with custom chest names being displayed in italic and allows for changing of the lore text for a silked chest.

    Chests that are silked contain NBT items and as such have a single line legacy description of (+NBT) in their lore to match how Minecraft actually showed an NBT copy of a chest. Originally this was done for consistency, however this string is not very informative, so the string itself has been put into the config.yml under the...
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  2. Support for 1.16.4

    This release adds support for Spigot 1.16.4.
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  3. Support for 1.16.2

    This release adds support for 1.16.2.

    Please note there is no localization supported.
  4. Beta Release for 1.16.1

    This version is a Beta Release. Please do not install on a production server before testing and understanding the risks.
    As always, please make a backup of your data before installing.

    This version adds support for 1.16.1.
  5. Support for 1.15

    This release adds support for Spigot 1.15
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  6. Flag to disable storing Silked Chests into other chests

    This update adds the storable: true flag to the chest section of the config.yml to allow disabling storting silked chests into any other chests. The default setting of true is normal behavior. Setting the flag to false means the player may only keep the silked chests in their inventory and may not store silked chests into other chests.
  7. Bug Fix

    This release fixes an issue where the silk.perms setting in the config.yml was not being checked, so default behavior was set to always require the permission to be used.

    It is now fixed to check the config.yml setting, which now is set to default to true so as to maintain similar behavior.

    If you want to disable the permissions check to allow everyone to silk chests without a permission, set the value to false in the config.yml

  8. Whoops.

    Whoops. Used wrong permission when copying over latest changes from MonkeyBrains plugin. It's now fixed and back to

    For those who don't know what MonkeyBrains is, it's my own plugin that has everything and the kitchen sink in it that I use on my own servers. It was updated with the latest changes for 1.14 but when I ported the changes over to update SilkChests, well, I guess I forgot to change the permissions...
  9. Support for 1.13+ (up to 1.14.4)

    This release adds support for 1.13+.

    If you are using an earlier version of Spigot, please use the 1.0.2 version.