SilkSpawners || ★ Updated for 1.16.1 ★ 6.3.1

Mine your spawners with an enchanted SilkTouch pickaxe

  1. SilkSpawners v3.7.2 --1.5 up to 1.9.4--

    Version 3.7.2
    • Added support for Minecraft 1.9.4
    • Implement BossBar for 1.9 without BarAPI dependency (vanillaBossBar)
    • Added proper support for main and off hands in 1.9
    • Added support for newlines in messages, see YAML syntax how to make a linebreak (
    • Added new SilkSpawnersSpawnerBreakEvent and SilkSpawnersSpawnerPlaceEvent APIs
    • Fixed an issue that occured while crafting
    • Fixed an issue that allowed duplication of spawn eggs
    • Fixed an issue that prevented spawn eggs from changing via /ss
    • Fixed wrong translation message displayed for /ss change
    • Code refactorings :)
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