SilkSpawners || ★ Updated for 1.16.1 ★ 6.3.1

Mine your spawners with an enchanted SilkTouch pickaxe

  1. SilkSpawners v4.0.0 --1.5 up to 1.2--

    Version 4.0.0
    • Added support for Minecraft 1.12
    • Plugin requires now Java 8
    • Fix API event cancelling (break and place events)
    • Add API support to change drop of mined spawner
    • Fix an issue on startup while scanning mobs
    • Fix an issue with eggs which resulted in 0 eggs/spawners
    • Fix an issue with registered permissions when server is reloaded
    • Fix an issue with double egg reduction
    • Display plugin version in /ss help
    • Add new permission for /ss help menu (
    • Add option to place mined spawner directly into the inventory (dropSpawnerToInventory)
    • Updated user translations
    • Add option to defined how many spawners are dropped when mined. Configurable per mob or default in config.yml (dropAmount)
    • Switch from MCStats to bStats
    • Added support for Feudal, prevents users from changing spawners in other kingdoms (feudalSupport)
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