SilkSpawners || ★ Updated for 1.16.1 ★ 6.3.1

Mine your spawners with an enchanted SilkTouch pickaxe

  1. v6.1.0 | ★ Ready for 1.13, 1.14 and up to 1.15.2 ★

    Version 6.1.0
    • Adds a new silkspawners.nosilk.* | silkspawners.nosilk.<mob> permission
    • Adds even more mob aliases and ensure that all syntax are supported (underscore, spaces or no spaces)
    • Adds /ss info as an alias for /ss view
    • Adds a new command that gets yourself a spawner item /ss selfget|i <mob>
    • Removes unused config option from YAML, as well as the space hack
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