Simple Alerts 1.1

A stupid simple and easy to use global and staff broadcasting plugin

  1. cayoten
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    The straight up easiest broadcast plugin there is.
    Thanks for checking out Simple Alerts!
    Simple Alerts is a super simple (Ha! See what I did there?) broadcasting plugin that currently has support for global alerts and staff alerts, bound by permissions. The config is also super easy to modify, and supports color codes!

    Psst: In the actual announcements, you can use color codes in the message as well!

    - /alert
    - /staffalert
    - /sareload

    - simplealerts.alert (To use /alert)
    - simplerules.staffalert (To use /staffalert)
    - simplerules.readstaffalerts (To view staff alerts)
    - simplealerts.reload (To use /sareload to reload the config)

    If you want to be able to send AND view staff alerts, you must have both of the staff permissions.

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Recent Updates

  1. Config file added and bitch slapping bugs