Simple Anti-Mob Lag [1.9-1.16] 2.0.0

Reduce the performance impact of mobs and farms without affecting gameplay.

  1. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 2.0.0

    Simple Anti-Mob Lag 2.0.0
    This update sees a bit of a shift of focus for the plugin. Previously SAML was only interested in mitigating TPS loss caused by mobs, whereas now we're also interested in preventing TPS loss from happening in the first place.

    Please note: if you're updating from an earlier version your config.yml and messages.yml will be backed up and regenerated.

    The main features of this update are...
  2. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.3.5

    Changes in 1.3.5:
    • Added option to ignore freezing mobs that are recently spawned (set to ignore mobs spawned less than 30 seconds ago by default).
    • Added option to ignore freezing mobs that are targeting a player (enabled by default).
    • Tweaked some defaults in the config and tidied up comments.
    • Added and changed some things to prepare for future features.
  3. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.3.4

    Changes in 1.3.4:
    • Fix worlds under the ignore-world option not being ignored.
    • Add option to ignore mobs with specific metadata (ignores EliteMobs' elite mobs by default).
    • Add option to only unfreeze mobs that have been tagged by SAML (enabled by default).
    • Added SamlMobUnfreezeEvent.
    • Changed some things in the default config.
  4. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.3.3

    Changes in 1.3.3:
    • /saml stats now correctly shows the number of frozen mobs, rather than the number of mobs that are *not* frozen.
    • Slightly improved the grouping algorithm.
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  5. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.3.2

    Changes in 1.3.2:
    • Mobs will no longer stop tracking players after a freezing operation when prevent-targeting-frozen is enabled.
    • Fixed server freezing when ticks-per-cached-chunk-unfreeze has a non-positive value.
    • Added an '/saml stats' command which displays the number of frozen mobs server-wide and for each loaded world.
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  6. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.3.1

    Changes in 1.3.1:
    • Mobs will no longer not attack players when prevent-targeting-frozen is enabled. Sorry... I tested it in creative mode.
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  7. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.3.0

    Changes in 1.3.0:
    • Added an option to generate an advanced configuration file with many per-entity options (disabled by default).
    • Added option to not freeze any mobs within some distance of a player (disabled by default).
    • Added option to prevent frozen mobs being targeted (enabled by default).
    • Added options to prevent frozen mobs being damaged by mobs (enabled by default) and by players (disabled by default).
    • Added TPS thresholds to many of options which allow you...
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  8. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.2.6

    Changes in 1.2.6:
    • No longer throws errors when using locales that have decimal separators other than periods.
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  9. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.2.5

    Changes in 1.2.5:
    • Fixed tamed mobs being frozen even when ignore-tamed-mobs is set to true.
    • Added option to ignore freezing named mobs (enabled by default).
    • Added metrics.
    • Added an api-version to the plugin.yml.
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  10. Simple Anti-Mob Lag 1.2.4

    Changes in 1.2.4:
    • Fixed rare case in which the freezing operation could load chunks, causing lag.
    • Slightly optimised the freezing operation.
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