Simple Anti Swear. 1.0

Simple anti swear blocking swear words.

  1. ooappleduckoo
    Hello all!
    This is currently my second plugin I have made
    Link to my other plugin:
    This is a completely configurable plugin that says Derp when someone swears.
    Currently 11 words blocked
    Easy and a small file (1kb)
    Everything is configurable, You can make a custom mute message like instead of derp you could change it to IJustSwore
    No commands just config
    Video Tutorial
    Coming soon...
    Installation tutorial

    • Put the .jar in your plugin directory
    • Reload/Restart your server
    • Locate your skript folder in your plugin directory
    • Inside of the skript folder you will see another folder called "scripts". Open the folder
    • Drag and drop the into the "scripts" folder.
    • Reload/Restart your server
    • Done! The skript is now active.
      Screenshot of it.

    Thanks for viewing this plugin!
    I hope you like it!
    P.S Sorry I couldn't get full proof that it works, I could only get the derp messages