Simple Duel 2015-05-09

A simple duel/1vs1 plugin

  1. Waterman2707
    Simple Duel
    Simple duel is basic just a duel plugin. It's ready to use then installet on the server.

    Then you invite another to a duel, he/she will have to accept the udel invite. If he/she accept it, you will both be teleported to the player who have sent the invites location. Your inventorys will be cleared and replaced with the player who send the invites kit. Then after 5 second, you will begin to fight. then one win, you will wait a little bit, and then teleported back to where you where before and getting you items back.

    * Ready to use then installet!
    * Death message(true/false)
    * Players can customize the kit!
    * Per item permission (how much they can customize there kit)


    * /duel [player] - to invite a player to duel
    * /ddecline - to decline a invitation
    * /daccept - to accept a invitation
    * /dleave - to leave the duel
    * /dkit - to customize your kit


    * d.duel - access to /duel
    * d.decline - access to /ddecline
    * d.accept - access to /daccept
    * d.leave- access to /dleave
    * d.kit - access to /dkit
    * d.[iron/diamond/gold/leather/chain][h/c/l/b] - access to the kit armor. (example below)
    *d.[iron/diamond/gold/wood/stone]s - given access to the kit sword

    Example(last 2 permissions)
    If i want to give a player the permissions to use iron chestplate i will just give him the permission d.ironc. d = duel, iron = what kind of armor, c = chestplate. If i want to give him the permission to diamond boots i will give him the permission d.diamondb. d = duel, diamond = what kind of armor, b = boots.

    the same with swords, there it's always S instead of H/C/L/B. and there are the wood instead of leather and stone instead of chain.

Recent Reviews

  1. Scihso
    Version: 2015-05-09
    Nice plugin!
  2. B4U7
    Version: 2015-05-09
    It is actually a pretty good plugin. No errors untill now in my test server and players seems to enjoy it!