Simple Effect Toggle 1.2.2

Toggle effects effortlessly!

  1. Joannou1
    Simple Effect Toggle
    Have you ever wanted to simply toggle:
    -Fire Resistance
    -Speed Boost
    -Jump Boost

    Look no more!
    By using a simple command, each effect can be toggled.
    In addition, with a simple permission, you may set the power level at which the effect is applied.

    Effects are persistent after death. (Configurable)

    - Toggle nightvision
    Aliases: /nightvision
    Permission: toggles.nightvision

    /water - Toggle water breathing
    Aliases: /water /waterbreathing
    Permission: toggles.waterbreathing

    /fire - Toggle fire resistance
    Aliases: /fr /fireresist
    Permission: toggles.fireresist

    /jump - Toggle jump boost
    Aliases: /jp
    Permission: toggles.jump

    /speed - Toggle speed boost
    Aliases: /sp
    Permission: toggles.speed

    /strength- Toggle strength
    Aliases: /str
    Permission: toggles.strength

    To modify the level of the effect, simply add the following permission however many times you need:


    Eg. For a level 4 speed boost:


    This plugin is a 'Base plugin'.
    It will grow based on user suggestion.

    If you would like to see a feature, please suggest it here and it could be added!


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Recent Reviews

  1. WickedAmusingBus
    Version: 1.2
    Excellent, surprisingly hard to find something like this, which is exactly what i needed! Works exactly how I wanted and is great for rank rewards! Thanks for making it! :)