Simple Health Bars 0.1.3

Add health bars to mobs via custom names

  1. Phoenix616
    [​IMG] Made in Germany with love (and beer)
    Did you ever wanted to add health bars dynamically to mobs when you spawn them via /summon and don't want every mob to have a bar? Or do you want different health bars for different mobs? Then this is the plugin for you!

    SimpleHealthBars is a Bukkit plugin that aims at creators of adventure maps and minigames who want to build things dynamically ingame with Redstone and Command Blocks. This plugin hands over one of the resource intensive mechanics to a Bukkit plugin which can use events in a much more efficient way than Vanilla Minecraft via clocks/command blocks.

    1.13+ support is available in the development builds!

    How it works
    Mobs with special variables in the name will get health bars via a custom name. Every damage the mob takes it will recalculate the bar and modifies the custom name tag of the mob.
    For persistence over server restarts every mob will get saved into the config with their UUID and originally inputted custom name.
    On summoning a mob the plugin will replace the following variables with the bar, every other part of the custom name of the mob will remain!
    This plugin will not add health bars to every mob or to players!
    It only works when summoning a mob with the variables in the custom name tag!

    {heartbar} - Bar with hearts [image]
    {pipebar} - Bar with pipes (|) [image]
    {healthshort} - Short health (e.g. 10/16) [image]
    {bossbar} - Boss life bar
    (Available in the latest dev-build)
    You can also enable a workaround for Mojang not fixing the CustomNameVisible-Bug in the config if you want to always display the health bar over the head of mobs. Otherwise the mob's name and therefor health bar will only be visible if the player hovers over the mob!
    Please note that this uses additional entities and will therefor impact client and server performance!

    The source is available on GitHub.

    Dev builds can be found on the Jenkins .
    Programming is time intensive and I would really appreciate your support!
    So if you can afford it or make commercial use of this plugin feel free to buy me a beer.

    Other Resources

    This resource is distributed without any warranty or liability by the author.


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Recent Reviews

  1. kwesting4
    Version: 0.1.3
    Really really nice idea add features like <The Name of the mobs>
    --------------------------------------------------------<The Health of the mobs> really nice 5/5 Stars!
  2. Supertutos
    Version: 0.1.3
    hi nice plugin i leave 5 stars but why to the iron golems dont see the bar????????????????????????????????????
    1. Phoenix616
      Author's Response
      If you don't add the CustomNameVisible tag the health bar will only be visible while you hover over the mob.
  3. miaomiaojiang
    Version: 0.1.3
    nice plugin