Simple-Info 1.3.4

Info Plugin with config and custom Messages

  1. Added /website command

    Just a quick add for the /website command.
    Config got also updated for that.
    Let me know about bugs to fix or features to implement.
    Have fun!
  2. Aliases added

    Added /infos and /inform aliases to the /info command.
  3. Version 1.4.4 + Sound-Update + /info <4/5>

    Update Version 1.3.2

    - Updated to Minecraft version 1.4.4
    - Added Sounds to every command. You can configure if and which sound you want to play at a certain message.
    - Added /info 4 and /info 5. If you don't need it, just deactivate by typing false in the config at EnablePage.

    Just a small update I did within a few minutes.
    If you have any more ideas for the plugin, bugreports or whatever, just message me on Discord: Sedad#8755.
  4. Added multiple Pages and more


    - added multiple pages at /info
    so you can type /info 1, /info 2, /info 3 to see more informations about the server.
    (/info 1 sends the same message as /info, cuz it's the first page :))
    - fixed an wrong message at /info help command
    - added one more line at /info
    which shows you at which page you are
    - added one more line at /info,
    which shows you the command to get to the next page
    These two lines are added to show the above called functions,...
  5. Bug fixes and 2 tiny new commands :-)

    After a long pause I've found a few time to update the plugin.
    Here you go guys, please report bugs, post ideas and rate the plugin.


    - fixed that /info message was sent double
    - added /discord command
    - added /twitter command
    - added optional deactivation function in the config
    , so you can deactivate a command if you don't need it.

    If you have another plugin with these commands, you can also just write in the enable-section anything else than 'true' or 'false' and...
  6. Bug Fixes and Config Version edit

    - Fixed a /info arguments bug.
    - Edited the config and added a config version (you can see it at the last line)
    The Config Version changes every time at an update, when I change anything in the config.yml.
  7. removed fly command

    - removed the fly command, because I did an own Plugin for that
    - fixed the /info Error messages
    - retyped config and added new permission
    - better /info command
    - removed Usage and NoPermission message
    - added /info help command

    New FlyPlugin:
  8. Command and arguments edited

    - /server isn't anymore an alias of /info, these both are now different commands

    - Wrong arguments of /info <reload> are fixed.
  9. Fix Update


    - English Translation
    - Plugin Named to "Info"
    - Added Fly arguments