Simple-Kits 3.0.1

Fully customable item-sets with configurable cooldown and usage restrictions.

  1. Bukk1tDevUser
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

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    Sources on BitBucket (Development-Branch: tobias-dev)

    Planned release date: First version released [02/29/2016]


    Define kits with ease. Fully configurable with config-file in json-format.
    Permissions are automaticly created by this plugin and can be used to configure group-dependent kits.

    • /kits or /kit list
      • yellow: on cooldown
      • green: ready to use
    • /kit info [name]: List information about the kit with the given name
    • /kit [name]: Get the kit with the passed name.
    • /kitadmin list: Lists all defined kits with source-files
    • /kitadmin enable [name]: Enables the given kit
    • /kitadmin disable [name]: Disables the given kit (can still be used as template or dependency)
    • simplekit.use: Enables the player to use kits
    • simplekits.use.<kit>: Enables the player to use the kit <kit>
    • simplekits.list: Enables the player to list all available kits
    • simplekits.list.<kit>: Enables the player to see the kit in the /kits command
    • Enables the player to view infos about a kit
    •<kit>: Enables the player to view infos about the kit <kit>
    • simplekits.ignore-cooldown.<kit>: Enables the player to ignore the cooldown of a kit
    • simplekits.admin.list: Use the /kitadmin list command
    • simplekits.admin.enable: Use the /kitadmin enable <kit> command
    • simplekits.admin.disable: Use the /kitadmin disable <kit> command
    Error- or Bugreports
    Create a ticket / report or leave a comment on the diskussion-page.
    Your report should contain the following information:
    • configuration files
    • server version
    • plugin version
    • priority (severity of the error / bug)
    • description
    Current Progress

    • Add fireworks
    • Add kit-creator (/kitadmin create [name])
    • Please provide feedback
    • Java 8
    • Minecraft Bukkit / Spigot Server
    SimpleKits v3.0 - Work in Progress

    Old Downloads (Hosted on

    SimpleKits v2.4
    SimpleKits v2.3 (Deleted)
    SimpleKits v2.2 (Deleted)

    SimpleKits v2.1
    SimpleKits v2.0
    SimpleKits v1.0

    • Configurable messages
    • Added templates (item sets which can't be used directly)
    • Added dependencies (kits can contain all items of an other kit / template)
    • Using new kit / template definition-format: json instead of yaml
    • Fully configurable item-names (like "stone_block" or "block of stone" ...)
    Old versions


    • Added /kit info [kitname] command to recive an information about the kit
    • Added option to disable permission-checking
    • Split the commands(/kits to list all kits, /kit [kitname] to recive the kit)
    • Made the configuration of potions easier
    • New configuration system
    • Automaticly creating permissions
    • New: editable error messages
    • New: kits with cooldowns
    • New: weapons and armor with enchantments
    • New: specific slots (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots or simply an id) (if an item is in slot, it's not deleted (just moved to the next free slot))
    • New: amount of an item can be bigger than 64
    • New: checking for inventory space (not simply dropping items on floor)
    • Release

Recent Updates

  1. Simple-Kits 3.0.1-alpha

Recent Reviews

  1. Afghan007
    Version: 3.0.1
    i give you 5 star if make it that allow to create a new kit in game by /kit create .
  2. bruno10223
    Version: 3.0.1
    the plugin is great , but the configuration kits is very complex and difficult !

    So I give 3 stars if you were not this would give 5