Simple Paintball v0.3.4-alpha.3

Pretty simple Paintball plugin

  1. Leaderboards and arena fix

    • Add leaderboards to spectators
      • Have not tested, please report any bugs
    • Fix bug where arenas aren't saving
  2. Add ability to hide enemy nameplates and bug fixes

    Add option to hide enemy nameplates:
    • In config.yml under Nametag-Visible set to false if you want to hide.
    • Fix nametag visibility issue
    • Fix winning team kills issue
    There is a bug where you see the team's kills on your teammate's nameplates, but this only appears when Nametag-Visible is set to false
  3. More team colors

    You can now use more than just blue and red teams in arenas, now you can use:
    • Aqua
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gray
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Red
    • White
    • Yellow
    To set a spawn, simply use /pb set, such as /pb set yellow will set a spawn for yellow team. For the arena to be activated, you need to have at least two teams with at least one spawn set for each.

    The randomness of team spawn selection and team member selection as been modified to have more randomness than before.
  4. Add disable spectate option and minor bug fix

    • Add option to disable spectators
    • TP commands will be disabled when in an arena, both players and spectators
    • Start working on API
  5. Save function and major bug fixes

    • Add /pb save function to force save activated arenas
    • Fix bug when using rocket launcher
    • When player is damaged when playing, ignore.
    • If player dies while in arena, they are teleported back with necessary equipment
    • Fix major bug fixes
  6. Fix some big fixes

    • Fix error when trying to update signs on arena load
    • Fix error when loading arenas with no signs
  7. Seperate arenas config, add support for multiple languages

    • Save arenas in arenas.yml, arenas will transfer from the config.yml
    • Add multiple langauges:
      • Copy enUS.yml in the languages folder and rename it to whatever you like, but with no spaces
      • Go into config.yml and change the 'locale' to whatever you named your new language yml (without the '.yml')
      • NOTE: the enUS.yml will be overwritten to ensure that the plugin will work correctly
      • So far only main messages are supported. Whatever messages you get through...
  8. More bug fixes! (I think)

    • Fix bug where grace period wasn't being edited
    • Address an issue with inventory restoration. While this isn't a complete fix for the error, it should keep the plugin from causing an infinite loop, trapping the players, once the game ends. If you notice player's inventories not being restored, check the console for errors.
  9. More sounds and improvements for rocket launcher

    • Add a lot more sounds for piantball guns, countdown, and when you hit a player
    • Improve rocket launcher: knockback when fired close to you, higher fire rate, more range
    • Add fix for inventories interfering with other plugins
  10. Hotfix for 0.2.6

    The leaderboards weren't working as they should, so this update should work out most of the issues with the new leader boards.