Simple Paintball v0.3.4-alpha.3

Pretty simple Paintball plugin

  1. Add stats and more bug fixes

    • Add stats, use '/pb leaderboard <wins | kills >' to view the top wins or kills, this is off by default so turn it on in the config under 'Stats.Track'
    • Bug fixes
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  2. Add support for 1.14.1

    • Add support for 1.14.1, basically changed how signs operate (Not tested for 1.13.2)
    • Add /pb info <title> command to get information about a specific arena
  3. Shotgun "fix" and multi world arenas

    • Add delay to add lobby items as other plugins may interfere when teleported to a different world
    • Shotgun has no ricochet anymore as it was unreliable
    • Add one more snowball to shotgun when fired
    • Bug fix
  4. Add spawn protection, fix pb command exception

    • Use Bukkit's ChatColor class instead of Bungee's ChatColor class (Sorry bukkit people)
    • Fixed "/pb" command exception
    • Better tab complete"/pb reload" command, can change the config file and have it reflect
    • Fix "/pb set max" bug
    • Add spawn protection, configurable in config
  5. v0.2.3.1 - Fix huge bug

    Bug fix: players weren't able to to start a game.
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  6. v0.2.3 - Economy and ability to change 'kills'

    • Add Vault hook for economy, award editable amount to the winning team. If there's a tie, then it's split in half. Must have Vault
    • Add ability to change the words of 'kills' and 'killed' in config
    • Add leave bed for players in-game
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  7. Simple Paintball v0.2.2

    Add reset command: Use /pb reset <blue | red> to reset the blue or red spawns for an arena
    Add help command: /pb help
    Add tab complete for pb command
    Players will change to the default gamemode set in the config when leaving a game
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  8. Simple Paintball v0.2.1

    Player inventory is saved when entering arena and restores upon exit.

    Spectator mode added for arenas in game:
    1. Right click sign of an arena that's in-game
    2. Use: /pb spectate <title>

    This is pre-release since it's not been fully tested. I have no one to test this plugin with anymore :(
    Let me know of any difficulties with the new features or anything else.

    Please let me know of any other improvements.
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  9. Simple Paintball 0.2.0

    Update to 1.13 API, meaning you have to have Spigot 1.13
    Guns are coded differently now
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  10. Simple Paintball v0.1.2

    Added a scoreboard to keep track of teams' kills

    Added Gun Kits with fire rates:
    • Regular
    • Minigun
    • Shotgun
    • Rocket Launcher
    Fire rate cooldown shown by XP bar

    Players are kicked out of arena when server is closed
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