Simple Player Authentication 1.0

A very simple way to authenticate a player that joins the server.

  1. JFlanders
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    About Simple Player Authentication
    Simple Player Authentication or SPA provides an in-game registration and login server which provides a security layer to servers with online-mode turned off.

    - /register [password] [password]
    - /login [password]
    - /unregister
    - /changepassword [old password] [new password] [new password]

    All messages that come with this plugin are changeable to own desire. You can simple change the message for any purpose including translation.

    There are also configuration options on the strength of the password and how many times a person can attempt to login and what happens when they fail all these attempts.

    Screenshot1.PNG Screenshot2.PNG Screenshot3.PNG Screenshot4.PNG Screenshot5.PNG

    Saving Accounts
    All accounts that are made will be saved in the players.yml with their UUID, password (that is hashed) and the last login time. This saving technique is very handy for smaller servers, if you have a server with larger amounts of people we suggest using the following plugin:

    Security Measurements
    As previously mentioned, all password are hashed with the SHA-512 algorithm for extra security

    Future Improvements
    There are more improvements planned for the future. These are the following:
    • E-mail account recovery
    • More configuration options
    There might be more improvements added to the list.

    If you find any mistakes, bugs or functions that have problems, please let me know in the thread of this resource.