Simple plugin hider 2015-12-06

Just a plugin hider LOL

  1. Triston
    Code (Text):
    #plugin message (use &c &b &a ect for colors)
    plugin: &5Error &4ยป &6You're not permitted to view/use this.
    permission: pluginhider.bypass
    No real explanation needed...
    Pm me on Skype @ Dev.Relax if you want custom skripts, kinda bored and out of ideas currently.

Recent Reviews

  1. Favoo
    Version: 2015-12-06
    Protip: You can't block plugin list with Skript. Learn Java or, please, stop spamming these plugin hiders. The script doesn't hide all of the aliases of /plugins. Please, if you really want to hide your plugin list, then don't use Skript.
  2. minemidnight
    Version: 2015-12-06
    ./about [tab]. This is also blocking much more than plugins, and who even cares if you see the plugins?
    1. Triston
      Author's Response
      No, there's a perm to allow players to view everything blocked :)