Simple Quotes 1.2

Simple quotes for your server

  1. Raymart

    Hello I have created a short and simple plugin so it would be a lightweight at any servers
    What Can I do with ?
    You can change the quotes of the day at the configs no quotes idea ? its fine I have created a page for quotes

    • Lightweight
    • Simple config
    • Will gives the player a sample philosophy at life :D
    • if you join at the server you will get some quotes
    • Sign command using [QOTD] and QUOTE with []
    • More coming soon
    Commands and Permissions
    • /qotd or quote => <will tell you the quote of the day> => qotd.command
    • /qotd reload or /quote reload => <will reloads the config> => qotd.reload
    • More coming soon
    My Quotes
    Click here for quotes

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Commands
  2. Added Sign command

Recent Reviews

  1. TheMLGGuy
    Version: 1.2
    Works but.. I don't get the idea
    1. Raymart
      Author's Response
      simply like MOTD just changed the name