Simple Shops 1.0

Create shops for your server

  1. Aquaatic
    What can this plugin do?
    Create some simple shops with left + right-Click support

    How to use?
    Drop the plugin into you plugins folder - reload/start your server - a folder called "Shops" will be created. For a new shop create a new file in it called [inventory name].json (replace [inventory name] with the name of the shop]

    Then open the file with your favourite text editor.
    It's a little complicated to create an inventory, but ok.
    I'm gonna give you a quick example for it - 1 Slot for selling and buying stone.
        "name":"&3Shop!", //Inventory header
        "lines":5, //Inventory lines
        "slots": [
                "slot":1, //Will be placed in the first slot.
                "leftmethod": { //On left click -> by default buy
                    "item":{ //Item -> look down
                    "price": 10 //Buying price
                "rightmethod": { //Selling
                    "item":{ //item
                    "price": 5 //Money you get
                    "material":"STONE", //Material - can also be DIAMOND_BLOCK or something like that.
                    "lore": ["&7Buying cost: &310$", "&7Selling cost: &35$"],
                    "name":"&3Stone&7!" //Display name
                    "amount":3 //Amount
                {"slot":} //for more slots - DON'T FORGET THE COMMA BEFORE!
    Well - I think you understand. Open it with /shop [name] - Reload plugin with /shop reload - List shops with /shop list
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  1. Sean0402
    Version: 1.0
    Works 100% Love it! Now my users can now sell and buy with a plugin that takes no lag! 10/10!