Simple Skyblock [1.8.x - 1.15.x] 1.3.7

A Simple Skyblock Plugin. (What more is there to say?)

  1. Version 1.3.7: More bug fixes!

    Fixed some major stuff! More is coming soon!
    - Fixed major bug with bounds (aka the Nether Island bug)
    - Made it so flying is disabled when you leave your island bounds
    - Added reset cost option
    Thanks for your help guys!
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  2. Version 1.3.6: Bug fixes!

    Major bug fixes! (And some other things)
    - Added placeholderapi support (wiki coming soon)
    - Fixed a bug where INFINITE_RESETS did nothing
    - You can now set how many resets players are allowed.
    - Added island trusts (disabled by default)
    - Collisions are now only disabled in skyblock worlds
    - People who aren't OP are now not invincible in other worlds.
    - You can now set how much money is lost on death
    - You no longer fall infinitely into the void in some cases

    Thanks for all the bug reports...
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  3. Version 1.3.5: Even more bug fixes!

    Just some bug fixes (and I guess some other stuff):
    - Added bstat analytics
    - Fixed a bug where people who died in the void without a bed would cause a lot of errors.
    - Fixed a bug where visiting people that didn't have an island would throw an error.
    - Minor changes
  4. Version 1.3.4: /spawn, and more bug fixes!

    - Added /spawn command (uses skyblock.spawn permission)
    - No longer meddles with spawn locations
    - Fixed an issue where portal wouldn't spawn (just put an obsidian under where the player spawns if it didn't work)

    If you see an error or need something special, contact me!
  5. Version 1.3.3: More bug fixes!

    Yay! Bug fixes! I should be writing essays for college!
    - Added visitors-can-portal island setting
    - SimpleSkyblock now keeps track of what world your home was in
    - Pitch and yaw were flipped in island home saving
    - All visitors are kicked from the island when the server restarts
    - Fixed a problem where Spigot 1.15 didn't want to generate the nether.
    - You no longer lose items when you die on other people's islands!

    If you find any bugs, shoot me a message!
  6. Version 1.3.2: Now supports more Minecraft Versions!

    Now supports more Minecraft Versions!
    - Moved to a single jar file
    - Now supports all versions 1.8 through 1.15

    If you see any errors, let me know! Thanks!
  7. Version 1.3.1: Bug fixes

    Multiple bug fixes!
    - Fixed an issue where SOUL_SAND would not be disabled when USE_CUSTOM_MECHANICS was disabled.
    - Fixed an issue where you would start on an island crawling or stuck in leaves.
    - Fixed an issue where the next island would be generated in the wrong place.
    - Rewrote some code to help with future programming.

    Thanks! Reach out to me if you find any bugs.
  8. Version 1.3.0: Nether update

    What's new?

    Nether release:
    Islands now have nether counterparts! They will automatically be generated on first nether entry if enabled!
    The nether also has special mechanics to get materials:
    Kill a mob on sand to change it to soul sand
    Blast processing of cobble and gravel in the nether allows you to get netherrack and glowstone
    A note: make sure to add
    Code (Text):
    USE_NETHER: true
    to your config to ensure it works, or just...
  9. Plugin has been rewritten!

    Because of the sheer size of the plugin, SimpleSkyblock has been rewritten in a more object oriented design to aid in development. Because of this, much of the data structure and backbone of SimpleSkyblock has changed. It is highly recommended that you completely reset SimpleSkyblock by deleting it's data files and world when updating, but not mandatory.

    Welcome to version 1.2.2! Although much of the plugin has changed, as it has been rewritten, you may not notice much of a...
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  10. New config, special mechanics, bug fixes and more!

    New Config
    The config file is looking better than ever! It is now more organized, and provides a description for each of the settings. New settings will no longer be posted in the updates unless they are major, and can be found with an explanation in config.yml, or on the main page of this plugin under config.yml.

    New mechanics
    New optional mechanics have been added to help players obtain objects that would...