Simple Soup 1.0.0

A simple soup plugin with some additional features!

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Simple Soup is mainly a soup registration plugin with the implementation of "Refill Stations" and a "Refill Command" to refill your inventory with soups. Everything in this plugin is customizable!

    /refill - SimpleSoup.Refill - Refills your inventory with soups.
    /simplesoup reload - SimpleSoup.Command - Reloads configuration files.

    SimpleSoup.Command - Ability to do /simplesoup reload
    SimpleSoup.Refill - Ability to do /refill
    SimpleSoup.Refill.Sign - Ability to create Refill Station signs

    How to create a Refill Station sign

    Code (Text):

      right-click: true
      left-click: true
      remove-bowl: true # REMOVES BOWL AFTER SOUP HEALS YOU

      command-enabled: true # /refill command
        # Cost of your soups, 0 for free soup =)
        cost: 100
        # This will make you have to stand still for x seconds before receiving the soup, '0' for instant soup
        warm-up: 5
      stations-enabled: true # Soup refill stations
        cooldown: 10 # This will not let you open the refill station for x seconds, 0 for no cooldown!

    Code (Text):

    REFILL_COMMAND_SOUP: '&8[&eSS&8] &aYou have refilled your inventory with soup for &e$%cost%&a!'
    REFILL_COMMAND_SOUP_NO_MONEY: '&8[&eSS&8] &cYou do not have enough money to purchase soups! You need at least &e$%cost%&c!'
    REFILL_COMMAND_WARMUP_STARTED: '&8[&eSS&8] &aRefill warm-up started! Stand still for &e%amount% seconds&a!'
    REFILL_COMMAND_WARMUP_COUNTDOWN: '&8[&eSS&8] &aRefill warm-up! Stand still for &e%amount% seconds&a!'
    REFILL_COMMAND_WARMUP_CANCELLED: '&8[&eSS&8] &cRefill warm-up cancelled!'
    REFILL_COMMAND_DISABLED: '&8[&eSS&8] &cRefill command is currently disabled.'

    REFILL_DISABLED: '&8[&eSS&8] &cRefill stations are currently disabled.'
    REFILL_COOLDOWN: '&8[&eSS&8] &cYou cannot open refill stations right now! Please wait &e%cooldown% seconds&c!'

    RELOADED_CONFIGURATION: '&8[&eSS Config&8] &aYou have reloaded the configuration files!'