Simple Spectate 1.1

Simple/Easy/Safe spectating plugin

  1. Dmg_Pro
    This is a very simple plugin that allows players to enter, exit, and teleport to players while in spectate mode.

    Players with permission may type /spectate. Upon doing so, players are put into spectate mode. Players in spectate mode may use /tp to teleport to other players, or /exit to leave spectate mode. Upon exiting spectate mode, or quitting the game, players are teleported back to the location that they entered spectate mode at, and put into survival mode.

    (This is an especially useful tool for if you want players/staff to be able to spectate players without being able to teleport around the map, or giving them permissions that could be abused)

    spectate.spectate - Allows players to enter / exit spectate mode - Allows players to teleport to others while in spectate mode

    /spectate - Puts you into spectate mode
    /exit - Exits spectate mode
    /tp - Teleports to a player (Only usable while in spectate mode)

    Feedback is much appreciated! :D

Recent Reviews

  1. mics
    Version: 1.1
    this is easy to use, and worked perfect at spigot 1.9.2 !!!
    just a little problem, /tp command will overwrite original /tp command
    if it can change to other command is better :)