Simple Staff Chat 1.0.3

Super Simple Staff Chat!

  1. CrazyBanana
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    • 1.16
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    This is a super simple plugin that implements staff chat into Minecraft.

    How it works
    There are 2 ways you can access the staff chat (at the moment). You can either use the command /staffchat or, you can use the provided, configurable, staff chat character.

    By default, this character is "# ". This means you can talk to staff chat with "# <message>", the other staff members will get back "Staffchat >> <senderName> >> <message>". For instance, if I (CrazyBanana) type in chat, "# Hey everyone!". Other staff members would see, "Staffchat >> CrazyBanana >> Hey everyone!".

    You can also use the /staffchat command. What this will do is toggle your staff chat use. This means, you can type /staffchat once, and all your messages will be in staff chat. Once you type it again, you will switch back to normal chat.

    /staffchat (/sc): Allows you to toggle on and off staff chat
    /staffchatreload (/scr, /screload): Reloads the plugin.


    • Allows use of chatting in staff chat through either the command and the character.
    • Default: Op
    • Allows you to reload the plugin.

    • Default: Op

      • Messages you, when you join the server, if the plugin is outdated.
      • Default: Op

    Source Code
    This is an open source project, you can find the source here

    Issues and Suggestions
    You can report issues and make suggestions here
    Or join my discord here

    Thank you, and have fun with the plugin!

Recent Updates

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