Simple Staff List 1.0

Provide a customizable list of online staff members

  1. ShishKaBobz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    This basic plugin aims to allow for simple output of Staff Members that are online. You can customize the format of the message as well. For more on formatting:

    Code (YAML):

    : '&5Staff Currently Online >> '
    : '<=> '
    : '&cYou do not have permission to use this command!'

    # Add everyone you want to show up on the list here
     - 1010bob
      - md_5

    # For users to be able to use the command give them the permission
    # 'stafflist.viewstaff'
    If there are any issues or if you have any inquires, please feel free to join my discord server for assistance.