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  1. ooappleduckoo
    OoappleduckoO HelloNoob
    Hello all!
    I would like to share with you my first plugin called simple starter it, It is a basic plugin and great for factions/kitpvp servers or any server!
    It is fully configurable! You can add your own message e.g You got the starter kit! (I will add that in the next update) You can change the armor, the weapons, the items and much more!
    Fully set of protected iron armor (configurable)
    Iron sword with knock back (configurable)

    Iron pickaxe with Unbreaking I (configurable)
    3 Potions of healing and a fire resistance potion (Guess what? Configurable)
    3 Plain not enchanted golden apples (configurable)
    /startpack command (configurable)
    Gives you the the starter kit.
    Video tutorial
    Coming soon...
    Installation tutorial

      • Put the .jar in your plugin directory
      • Reload/Restart your server
      • Locate your skript folder in your plugin directory
      • Inside of the skript folder you will see another folder called "scripts". Open the folder
      • Drag and drop the into the "scripts" folder.
      • Reload/Restart your server
      • Done! The skript is now active.
    Screen shot of me with the kit.

    Thanks! I hope you like the plugin! :)
    ~OoappleduckoO and HelloNoob


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  1. suzanne
    Version: V.1.0
    This is really good! No bugs, nothing wrong with it, and I can change it all :D Thank you! I really like this plugin 5/5 :)