Simple Ticket Manager 2.1.0

Simple Ticket system to handle reports

  1. Jwoolley

    Find it hard to handle problems on your server? Well with Simple Ticket Manager players can create a report, which will then be reported to all the admins that have the ticket.use node, informing them that there is a new ticket open and that it needs assigning to someone to deal with.

    Very simple to use and get problems sorted on your server sorted quickly.

    You can also view information about who dealt with the ticket and when the problem was sorted. To see how admins are dealing with reports and how long they stay open for.


    • UUID Support
    • Lightwight
    • SQLite and MySQL support
    • Multiple World support
    • Inform admins on join if there's any open tickets
    • Detailed information about each report
    • Works with Minecraft 1.8 and 1.7.10 (Does not support 1.7.9 or below)
    • Asynchronous database updates


    1. Download the latest version of the plugin
    2. Drop the plugin your plugins folder
    3. Restart the server
    4. Edit your config.yml to the settings you wish to have
    5. Edit your messages.yml if you wish to change any of the messages

    Permissions and Commands

    report.use - Permission node to be able to create new reports. Default to everyone

    ticket.view - Permission node to view status of each ticket. Inherits all below. Each default to op
    ticket.view.closed.all - Permission node to view ticket info. Default op

    ticket.admin - Permission node to claim, close and unclaim tickets. Default op

    ticket.teleport - Permission node to teleport to tickets. Default op

    ticket.stats - Permission node to view stats about all tickets. Default op

    ticket.reload - Permission node to reload the plugin. Default op

    ticket.comments - Permission node to add comments to tickets. Default everyone

    Report commands:

    /report - Help on how to create new reports.

    /report <reason> <description> - Reason must be 1 word, the rest of the command will be the description. For example: /report Grief Someone griefed my house!

    Ticket commands:

    /ticket - Help on how to do Ticket Commands.

    /ticket view open - View what current tickets are open.

    /ticket view assigned - View what current tickets are assigned to you.

    /ticket view assigned all - View what current tickets are assigned to people.

    /ticket view closed - View what tickets you have closed.

    /ticket view closed all - View what tickets have been closed and by who.

    /ticket info <ticket id> - View information about the ticket.

    /ticket claim <ticket id> - Claim a ticket for yourself.

    /ticket unclaim <ticket id> - Unclaim a ticket that you own.

    /ticket close <ticket id> - Close a ticket once a report has been dealt with.

    /ticket teleport <ticket id> - Teleport to where the report was located.

    /ticket stats - View how many reports are open, assigned or closed

    /ticket comment add <ticket id> <comment> - Add a comment to a ticket

    /ticket comment view <ticket id> - View comments for a ticket

    /ticket reload - Reload the plugin to get changes for either config.yml or messages.yml


    Code (Text):

    #      Simple Ticket Manager       #
    #        Made by Jwoolley          #

    #Set to true if you wish to allow other people to close tickets,
    #Set to false if you only want the person who claimed it to be able to close it
    allowotherstoclose: false

    #Displays about open tickets when admins join the server
    #Set to true to get messages, false to disable them
    adminmessages: true

    #Display to all staff when a ticket has been closed
    #Set to true if you want staff to get notices
    #Set to false if you don't want notices on close
    closenotice: true

    #Support for multiple servers
    #Uses server name from
    bungeecord: false

    #Log the amount of players online with each ticket
    players: false

    #Maximum number of tickets a player can claim
    maxtickets: 10

    #How often the database should be updated
    #The amount of seconds you want
    updateTime: 600

    #Set to true if you wish to use MySQL
    mysql: false

    #Connection details for MySQL
    allowotherstoclose: This option allows you to set if anybody can close a ticket or if only the person who has claimed the ticket can close it.

    adminmessages: This option turns on the message about if are any open tickets when a admin joins.

    closenotice: This option allows all players with ticket.admin to see that a ticket has been closed

    bungeecord: Support for multiple servers. Uses the server name from the Ticket Info will then display the Server name.

    players: Support for servers that experience lag, displays the amount of players online at the time of the report.

    maxtickets: Maximum amount of tickets a player can claim at one time.

    updateTime: How often the database is updated with any changes. If your server crashes often it is recommended to lower this amount.

    mysql: Set to true if you wish to MySQL Database or false to use a local SQLite file.


    Creating the report:


    Real time admin update:


    Information about the ticket:


    Claiming the ticket:



    Closing the ticket:



    Ticket stats:


    Ticket notifications on Admin join:


    To do
    • Looking for ideas

    I'm open to any suggestions anybody has.


    If you have any problems with the plugin then leave a post with the problem and I will try and sort it for you.


    You can find the source here:

Recent Reviews

  1. mareonCz
    Version: 2.1.0
  2. ChillerKraft
    Version: 2.1.0
    well.. it works but it's a bit buggy showing errors in console from incomplete commands.. sounds like some other stuff is broken too.
    dev is inactive and his bukkit issues pages is full of spam
  3. CreeperHomie
    Version: 2.1.0
    It works.
    (Upgrade to 1.11.2 ???)

    It would be doubly useful if a player could create a ticket.
    Ex (player executes command): /ticket <description>
    /ticket I'm done with my plot. Can you rank me???

    The ticket command could also be: /ticket create <description>

    I love the report feature, but i would be really useful to include tickets that don't have to include reports.
  4. korhox
    Version: 2.1.0
    Better would be if /report <text> --> /ticket <text> and i saw that typo on asssinged? In help menu (/ticket)
  5. iDerp
    Version: 2.1.0
    Works Great! Also works well with MySQL across servers.

    Also a suggestion would be to add a web API or something to allow players and admin to access them from a server hosted website
  6. bsat1234
    Version: 2.1.0
    It works.

    It would be doubly useful if a player could create a ticket.
    Ex (player executes command): /ticket <description>
    /ticket I'm done with my plot. Can you rank me???

    The ticket command could also be: /ticket create <description>

    I love the report feature, but i would be really useful to include tickets that don't have to include reports.
  7. PrincessPurple_
    Version: 2.1.0
    Very good plugin but I can't close tickets that are made, it desent say any message to tell me there closed and when I look at the ticket status it still says assigned after I closed it.
  8. PianoRailways
    Version: 2.1.0
    This is the best plugin for Tickets I've ever seen. The other plugins that I had, were very buggy.
    But one thing: When a player send a report, all other players see that.
  9. SayzAngel
    Version: 2.0.3
    German Translation would be nice. But it's still a very good Plugin. Keep up your work dude ;) :) :)
  10. Trsak
    Version: 2.0.2
    Great ticket plugin, but I have some error in console (will post in forum).