Simple Warps 1.0-b1

A small plugin for warps and spawn commands

  1. Sytm
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This plugin is no longer supported. I neither have the jar nor the source code to compile it again

    Simple Warps

    A lightweight Plugin
    Hello guys! Today I'll present you my plugin Simple Warps. It's a small, simple but useful plugin.

    I've tested this plugin on a 1.8.8 Minecraftserver, but basically it should work on other versions, becuause the main features for the plugin doesn't change.

    - /spawn > Permission: none > Teleports you to the spawn
    - /setspawn > Permission: simplewarps.setspawn > Sets the spawn
    - /warp <Warp> > Permission: none > Teleports you to the specified warp
    - /setwarp <Warp> Permission: simplewarps.setwarp > Sets a spawn
    - /removewarp <Warp> Permission: simplewarps.removewarp > Removes a warp
    - /warps > Permission: simplewarps.list > Lists all warps

    The command /warps:
    When you enter the command /warps and send it, you'll get a list with all warps. After the name of the warp you are able to select two options: Teleport to warp or Remove warp. When you click on these, the corresponding action will be performed. When you selected Remove warp, the you have to confirm with Enter.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you have any suggestions or bugs, please tell it my via a direct chat. Thanks.

    Your Sytm

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  1. Plugin dowloadable again