Simple Warps 1.1

A simple permissions based warp system for Spigot!

  1. megargayu
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.18
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    SimpleWarps is a simple and lightweight permission based warp system for Spigot.

    /warp help/usage - See the help message
    /warp list - See all warps on this server
    /warp set/create/add - Set a warp
    /warp del/delete/remove - Delete an existing warp
    /warp reload - Reload the plugin's config
    /warp <id> - Warp to a specific id

    simplewarps.* - Gives access to all warp commands
    simplewarps.warp - Allows the player to warp to a specified id
    simplewarps.setwarp - Allows the player to set a warp
    simplewarps.delwarp - Allows the player to delete a warp
    simplewarps.listwarps - Allows the player to see all warps using the list command
    simplewarps.instantwarp - Allows the player to instantly warp (overrides warpTime)
    simplewarps.move - Allows the player to move while waiting for a warp (overrides maxMoveDist)
    simplewarps.reload - Allows the player to reload the config files

    This is my first ever plugin, so I hope you enjoy!

Recent Updates

  1. Add /warps alias
  2. Build with JDK 8

Recent Reviews

  1. PlsHelpMeNOOB
    Version: 1.0
    Works great, nothing other to say. It's a simple warp plugin!
    Maybe add like..... I don't know: '/warps' too? Instead of just '/warp'
    1. megargayu
      Author's Response
      A new command, /warps, has been added, which is just an alias for /warp list in the new 1.1 update. Glad to see you liked my plugin!