Simple whisper (with 69420 counter) - Skript version 1.2

/whisper to message a player , and a cool easter egg if you do /whisper <player> 69420

  1. Thethicc69
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15

    Skript details:

    Very simple skript (also my first one) where you can message a player just like any other /whisper command, but if you message a player the number "69420" it will add 1 to the counter, which by default should be zero but if not do /resetcount , which should set the count to back to 0.
    I went with a bit of mineplex design on the prefix, but switched it up with the actual whisper.

    Permissions and commands:

    /resetcount -- resets the count to 0. permission needed to do so : op (you can change it to something else or make your own)
    /69420count -- adds 1 to the count. permission needed to do so : op (you can change it to something else or make your own)

    /whisper <player> <text> : whispers a text to a player If the <text> is set to 69420 it will send a message to the user "Nice" and the difference left between the count and 69420. it also sends the difference to the player targeted (arg-1).
    The messages and colors are customizable feel free to change anything you don't like. Now on to the actual permission it is : "whisper.allow" without the quotation marks.

    That's it. I hope someone finds this useful somehow.



    prefix: &9Whisper>&8
    permission: whisper.allowed
    usage: &9Whisper>&8Usage: &7/whisper <player> <text(message)>

    command /69420count:
    permission: op
    add 1 to {69420count}
    send ">> &dCounter&r: &b&l%{69420count}%. &r&DGood luck&r,&d only &b&l%difference between {69420count} and 69420%&d left to go&r." to player

    command /resetcount:
    permission: op
    set {69420count} to 0
    send ">>&d&lCount was reset&r.&d&lStarting all over :*(&r." to player

    command /whisper <player> <text>:
    usage: {@usage}
    aliases: /w
    permission: {@permission}
    if arg-1 is player:
    send "{@prefix}You &7can't &8whisper to &7yourself&8."
    if arg 2 is "69420":
    add 1 to {69420count}
    send ">>&r&d&lNice&r." to player
    send ">>&d&lNice counter&r:&b&l%{69420count}%&r. &dOnly &b&l%difference between {69420count} and 69420% &dleft to go&r.<<" to player
    send ">>&b&l%player%&r &dTried to &b&l69420&r &dyou&r.<<" to arg-1
    send ">>&d&lNice counter&r:&b&l%{69420count}%&r. &dOnly &b&l%difference between {69420count} and 69420% &dleft to go&r.<<" to arg-1
    send "{@prefix}&7%player% &d>> &7%colored arg-2%" to arg-1
    send "{@prefix}Whispered &7successfully."

Recent Reviews

  1. DoeHetGewoon
    Version: 2020-06-18
    Nice Skript! I don't understand the 69420 thing tho, what's it about?
    You can fix the thing that you can message yourself by doing this before sending the message:

    if arg-1 is player:
    | message "insert you cant whisper to yourself message here" to player
    | stop
    # put normal whisper stuff here

    (where i put a | replace that with an indentation for some reason my indentations dont work)
    1. Thethicc69
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback, the 69420 thing is kind of a meme, basically every time that number is mentioned people reply with nice, it's a blessed number. And thanks for the feedback on the messaging yourself. Any way you could provide something about multiverse, so you cant message them if they're not in the same world? But anyway I won't bother you glad to have helped!